Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tips for Throwing a Fabulous New Year’s Eve Party: Part 2—the Food

There’s so much to worry about when entertaining from home, but one of the most important things is the food. What should you serve? And how much? Here are some delicious food tips from me to you:

Tip #1: Make sure you know if your guests have allergies or food preferences.  If you are doing a formal invite, have a section where they can note this on the reply card.  Otherwise, make sure you speak to them about it or let them know they should contact you to discuss.  Having that brief conversation ahead of time makes everyone feel at ease on the day of the event.  You know you won’t have to run out, or make substitutions at the last minute, and your guests already feel taken care of!

Tip #2: One of my favorite tricks for creating unexpected décor is to use fruit.  You can also fill different sized clear glass vases with monochromatic fruits- I love the look of black cherries, plums, and figs- for a fresh, easy centerpiece. (They make delicious snacks too.)

Tip #3 Always make sure you have extra food!  You never know when an additional guest may show up.  I always like to have a course I serve at room temperature and so I can set aside extra portions and have them ready should an unexpected guest arrive.

Tip #4 One of my most prized possessions is my juicer. When you are entertaining you can pick a combination of fruits and vegetables that will compliment the food you are serving.  Fresh juice is a great way to spice up a party.  People can drink it plain, or mix it with alcohol for a light cocktail.

Also, check out this article from People magazine (the picture above is from the article) about some of the sweets I love to serve at New Year’s Eve. Do you have any food tips to share?

Photo by: Jim Franco

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  1. I normally don't have a New Years Eve party, but what I do is prepare a few of the traditional foods to serve. I prepare a selection of appetizers as well, along with sparkling juice for my girls and champagne for me. I go all out and set the table using different size plates and platters placed at varying heights buffet style.


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