Monday, December 28, 2009

Tips for Throwing a Fabulous New Year’s Eve Party: Part 1

Now that Christmas is out of the way, we have one more big event before we step into 2010 (can you believe it’s already 2010?): your new year’s eve party. At this point, you might be feeling partied out. It’s okay. These tips can apply to parties big and small.

Tip #1: For an evening affair, you can decorate the whole room with candles. I like to mix and match, using pillars, tapers, votives and even candelabras.  You decorate the whole room with them and it creates such a warm, intimate glow.

Tip #2 : I love to put gardenias in the bathrooms.  I float a few in a decorative bowl.  They have such a wonderful scent and it such is an unexpected treat.  I also always do really nice linens in the bathroom.

Tip #3: For smaller, more intimate gatherings, I greet my guests and then let the party flow naturally--making sure everyone has enough to eat and drink and someone to talk to. However, for any gathering larger than 10 people, I think it is very important to seat people so that no one has an awkward moment.  The best way to do this is with simple place cards, ideally ones that match your décor.

Tip #4: Another element I use at almost all of my parties is the “rose bowl.” (Pictured above.) The arrangement is easy to make, but creates an intricate, delicate look.  To make the “rose bowl” at home, you fill a low glass bowl with water and then float rose petals in it beginning on the outside edge and working your way towards the center.  When you are done, you will have what looks like a beautiful oversized rose!

Tomorrow, I’ll have more tips for you—mostly about food and how to entertain your guests. Do you have any tips for how to throw a fabulous New Year’s eve party? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Preston,

    Thanks for the tips. I was just looking over my 2Do list, on my iPhone, and mapping out my store routes. Happy Monday!

  2. Dear Preston,

    I love using gold and silver for the color at New Years.....

    I love Hobby Lobby and now every thing will up to %75 Percent off...............

    Go Wild......

    Love you,

  3. What a fabulous idea floating the rose petals like that! Definately will be using that one next time!
    As always, love you and your advice


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