Thursday, October 23, 2008

An Autumn Affair

I love entertaining in the Fall, the colors are extremely rich and luxurious. On a cold night it is great to have friends over and put on a pot of boiling water and sprinkle in a a holiday spice mix to create an amazing smell that screams coziness. I create my own spice infusion and make extra and put them in little jars and give them to my guests.

Below are some of my favorite fall d├ęcor pictures that I wanted to share with you to give you some ideas for you next fall themed party.

In this image you can see we glued desiccated leaves onto our votive holders. Leaves have such intricate designs to them and with the glow of the candle light behind it you can see all the details.

This sunflower topiary is so fresh and fun you can recreate this with any flower but I love the way sunflowers look and they are big so you don’t have to buy too many

Orchids are my favorite flower to work with because they are so hearty and come in a huge variety of colors. I love this color it is so sophisticated. I also frequently group candles into fours on my tables to create patterns on my tables.

I think creating individual topiaries for each guest is a great way to jazz up your table as well, and your guests can take them home with them. Here I made individual topiaries out of kumquats but you could use mini artichokes, pomegranates, or crab apples. I like to experiment with all different types of fruits and vegetables. Get creative at the supermarket!

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