Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bouquet Noir

This Halloween I am going to have my “Bouquet Noirs” delivered to all my friends.
Halloween is such a great time to let your creativity go wild, anything goes!

This is elegant and creepy!
You can make your own at home easy and affordably.
Get yourself some silk flowers, black spray paint, a glue gun, ( of course) and some other fun things to throw in like spiders or snakes, this list could go on forever.

As you can see I used some extra butterflies and birds I happened to have.
We broke the butterflies in half and let some of the green of the birds to show through to make it extra creepy.

Spray paint everything first before you put it together this ensures you don’t have any unsprayed areas showing if the bouquet moves around. After you have pulled it all together you can finish it off with the hot glue gun to create a cobweb.
I just lightly pressed the handle of the glue gun and went crazy over the top.

Cant wait to hear from friends after their ghoulish gifts arrive!
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