Friday, December 7, 2007

Recycled Giftwrap

I always bring my holiday gifts into the office and wrap them with different supplies we have lying around. I like to create a really eclectic look underneath the tree, and I love that everyone gets not only a present but a totally unique package. We had just gotten a big shipment of candles, and had tons of packing material left over. I loved the look of this recycled paper- there is so much texture and movement to it.
Once I folded it around the plain white boxes the paper popped even more and really came alive. I paired the paper with a coffee organza ribbon with satin trim and topped the whole thing off with an arrangement of silk roses and peonies accented with white berries. I use silk on all my holiday wrapping. If you are shipping any of your gifts, there is no guarantee what they will go through or when they will get there, so I want to make sure that the present will look as good when it arrives as it did when I packed it. I also like that the flowers can be reused, either to decorate another gift, or simply placed on the mantle to spice up the the room!

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