Friday, October 26, 2007

Eco-Chic Weddings

Today, I would love to share some green tips with you. More and more, brides are looking for ways to make their weddings eco-friendly. So, with the help of my team, my vendors, and some of my brides, we put together this list:

- Use recycled, non-bleached paper for everything from your invites to your programs.
- Send Save-the-Date postcards- not only are they cute and personal, but it saves an envelope (and postage). Do the same for your response cards...
- Set up a wedding website rather than sending printed directions. This can also be a great resource for you, and your guests.
- Forgo tissue and inner envelopes- good for your budget, and the environment!

- If you plan your wedding for spring or fall, you are already ahead of the game. Having your wedding during a cooler month can cut your air conditioning costs in half.
- Have your ceremony and reception at the same site so your guests do not have to drive from place to place.
- Choose a botanical garden or greenhouse as your venue. Not only are you surrounded by lush natural beauty, but the site fee goes to support the garden.

- Use potted plants throughout the ceremony and reception. After your wedding, they can be re-planted near your home as a wonderful reminder of that special day!
- Use local, in-season flowers! This not only cuts down on carbon emission from trucking and shipping, but also saves on energy and water used in greenhouses.
- Use fruit in your centerpieces and to decorate your tables. It is a great way to punch up the color of your decor, and you can donate it to a food bank after the event.
- Donate your flowers so people can continue to enjoy them after your event. If you are in New York or LA, check out Flower Power-

- Like your flowers, try to focus your menu on seasonal local ingredients.
- Work with a caterer who uses organic produce and is committed to sustainable agriculture.
- By serving local wines, you incorporate your setting, and also cut down on carbon costs.
- Most food banks do not except perishable food, but organizations like Second Harvest ( will collect the food from the reception and use it to feed the hungry.

- Give away bulbs or wildflower seeds and encourage guests to plant them.
- Make a donation to a charity in the name of each guest rather than giving them something material.
- Include sustainable, eco-friendly products- like bamboo housewares, hemp and soy products, and organic linens- in your registry.

For more great tips and advice, check out Portovert Magazine.
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