Sunday, October 21, 2007

My White Party

The calendar says fall is here, even if it does not feel like it yet. The days are getting shorter, if not cooler, and I think it is a great time to have people into your home. As you know, I love to bring nature inside- and I love working with fall colors. The theme of one of my favorite events- which is showcased in Inspirations- was Autumn. But I also love to surprise my guests!

This is my Thanksgiving table from last year. I invited my family and some close friends into my studio, which is an extension of my home, to celebrate! The sleek white is quite a contrast to the deep oranges, golds, and browns that most people are expecting. Anyone who is familiar with my work knows that I love to choose one color and layer and repeat it in every aspect of the decor. Using the same color throughout the room exaggerates each individual element and creates a cohesive look. Here we accented the white with a crisp green. I placed Narcissus on the table for their lovely scent, and to break up the vertical space above the table.

With a monochromatic palette, it is important to create texture and layers with your flowers. These white arrangements gain depth from the fluffy hydrangeas and garden roses. I love when there are details on the table for the guests to continue to discover throughout the night. These bouquets decorated the table during dinner, and everyone got to take one home at the end of the night!
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