Friday, November 2, 2007

Tent Transition

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was working on an event on a client's property in Malibu. Luckily, they are safe, and so is their home. We are hoping for the same for everyone in the area! I have been looking at pictures from the event, and I thought it might be fun to show a little bit of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into one of our events. Above, you are seeing my crew in the midst of "Phase 2". The basic tent structure has been erected over the tennis court (which was really handy cause it meant we did not have to floor the tent) and we are building and adjusting the interior facade.

Once the ceiling was completed, we started work on the side walls. The client really wanted to create a ballroom effect, so we papered the walls, adorned them with mirrors, and created alcoves to display our signature screens. To make the screens, we first design the urn and background. The container can be based on something the client owns or has seen, or drawn from scratch to suit their taste. Then the design is printed onto fabric and stretched onto its frame. Then comes the fun part! We attach fresh flowers to the screen to give the impression that they are protruding from the vase.
Here we used a profusion of white dendrobium orchids to accent the wall screens. With the proper lighting, it creates a wonderful trompe l'oeil effect that compliments the rich look of the room! Below, you will see the finished product as it looked just moments before guests entered the tent.

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