Friday, January 22, 2010

Stop Giving The Same Old Tired Party Favors Everyone Else Gives

I have been to many fantastic events where I received gigantic bags of goodies (most of it very useful, but some ending up in my re-gift closet), but there are times where I've received a favor that was especially spectacular (like special cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, Kiehl's products, or a 1 hour massage treatment).

Before we get into talking about spectacular favors, let's pull back and ask this very simple question:  Do you think it's necessary to give your guests a party favor after you've spoiled them all night with great decor, great food, and great entertainment?

For me, the answer is a big fat YES.

However, please do not give another frame or candle. If you choose to give a present, make it relevant and something that's special to both you and your guests. The price tag is not that important (though I truly did love receiving that hour long massage).

For example, one party favor I like to give a lot when I entertain at home is the gift of leftovers. I always make sure to have extra food and nice containers so that each guest can leave with their own package. (I've been told many times that it was a great way to re-live the evening the next day.)

Another thing I object to is please DO NOT put your favors on the table as part of the decor.  Most of the time your guests don't know what to do with it during diner, and sometimes, as we break down the event, we find that a lot of guests simply forget to take them.

A much more dramatic and memorable way to distribute party favors is to instruct the waiters to come out with your favors on silver trays and hand them out to each guest individually.

So tell me, what was the most exciting party favor you have ever given or received?


  1. A bottle of my favorite wine received on my best friend's wedding.........

  2. I do not ever expect a favor.
    With that said it is really wonderful when they are all different an tailored to each person's personality other wise I'd rather not give or get on if that's not in place...
    How about at a garden party some fresh cut herbs for guest???


  3. I went to a destination wedding, and we were all given luxury luggage tags. At first I was passive about it, but the next day, on our return back to the airport, I was so glad I had permanent luggage tags, instead of those weird paper tags that get torn up upon use. 1 year later, and the luggage tag has been to several countries with me. Reminds me of their wedding each time I travel.

  4. My favorite favor is something that I can use. It can be as simple as a bookmark, bottle stopper or measuring tape but as long as it's something that I can get some use from, I'm okay with it. I don't like to receive a favor that (although it's lovely) I don't know what to do with after the reception.

  5. I love to make my own favors and invitation cards for my kids birthdays. On my daughter's 16th birthday at Lenotre Restaurant I was so excited to plan everything from the flowers to the favors which I made, I was so proud.

  6. It came all the way from a dream wedding overseas, which I did not even attend, but had forwarded a sweet gift to the couple. A paper treasure chest with a cute pair of teddys inside, each monogrammed to the initials of the bride&groom and on the neck of the girly teddy, a white gold& pearl pendant. I don't need to tell you that I was FLOORED.

  7. Professional photos are the best gift you can give your guests! memories to last a lifetime!

  8. My favorite was a metal, puzzle ring that had a western flare (Stampede party) and could be kept at the office or on the coffee table at home.

  9. The best favor I ever received was a set of beautiful glass coasters. They're practical and I use them all the time. I also like your idea about having the favors come around on serving trays. Someone could also really make a big thing out of it and do something like Oprah's favorite things.

  10. The favour that meant the most to me was a simply worded message at each place setting stating that a donation was made to Breast Cancer Research in memory of the mother of the bride who had passed away on her 34th birthday when the bride was only 7 years old. It brought tears to my eyes and most of the others that were there and had known her struggle and what a wonderful job the father of the bride had done in bring up his children and respecting her memory.
    They also continued the theme by having a donation box for Breast Cancer Research that you could donate to and recieve a pink ribbon in order to have the bride & groom kiss... No clinking of glasses.
    It brought the memory of her wonderful mother to the reception.


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