Monday, January 25, 2010

Conversation with: Marcy Blum, Event Planner Extraordinaire

Similar to how doctors shouldn’t treat their own family, it doesn’t work for me to plan my own parties. So, I turned to the best for help with the Celebrations launch party (and many others--Marcy and I have worked together for years).

...And just because she happens to be one of my longtime friends who makes me laugh endlessly is just extra icing on the proverbial 20 foot tall cake.


PB: Let’s talk about how you became an event planner and why you wanted to embark on this career.

Marcy: When they released me from the asylum (from Preston: I could not help but laugh out loud) I decided that I needed something to do. Okay, actually I was a foodie and I went to school to be a chef and worked as a cooking teacher and all sorts of things and it evolved from there over the years.

PB: How are you different from other event planners? 

Marcy: (With a little smile) I’m good at it! (from Preston: More laughter from the two of us)

PB: What was one of your most challenging events?

Marcy: Every event is challenging. The interesting thing is that it’s always a different challenge. Just when you think, “Now I know how to build a tent in the middle of outer Slobovia in the pouring rain,” the next time, it’s in a desert or everything’s fine but the client’s impossible...Life is constantly different.

PB: What’s your favorite part of the event planning process? 

Marcy: You know, I hear this question all the time and the truth is most of us lie and most of the time, I lie (laughs) but really it's the joy of the process itself, rising to the challenge yourself.

I find people endlessly fascinating--both the good parts and the bad parts. I’m just fascinated by the mystery of what makes them tick; what makes someone come in and say, “I really want something simple and elegant,” and what they think of as simple and elegant is yards and yards and yards of satin wrapped around everything...

PB: What kind of advice would you give to a client looking for an event planner?

Marcy: Oh, to hire me! Of course. (Laughs)

PB: Okay, last question. Can you share some of the surprises you have planned for my Celebrations party?

Marcy: Well...we’re going to have a lot of very enthralling, sexy and interesting things planned--both in entertainment and the guests--don’t forget the invitation said the attire is “hot.” So, I’ve been looking for something hot for several weeks, I may just bring my boyfriend...

Your parties are about surprise and they’re very sensuous. I’m usually all about the food and you throw parties that are about the vibe. So, just wait for something very unexpected.

In the video below, Marcy snuck in one last thing she wanted to say after I thought the interview was officially over and I stepped out of the room. I was touched to hear what she said. Click play to watch.

For more info on Marcy Blum or to contact her, please email: or visit

Now it’s your turn, share one event that took you months and months to plan, and tell me...was it worth it?


  1. Dear Preston,
    For me cooking, baking and entertainting family and friends are very important things, and when you do this with love the result will be amazingly wonderful.
    I am sure you do all your projects and ceebrations with love and you make wonders. Wish you great success.
    Rowaida Flayhan

  2. Preston,

    I read your blog faithfully and have followed you for years (way before there was blogging). I'm a retired Marine Corps Officer with 21 years of active duty service and while on active duty was a "part-time" event planner and have done hundreds of events and was also afforded many opportunities to plan large scale events in the Corps.
    However, the event that took months to plan and was the most special event was my daughter's first birthday. My father had passed away and I found out that I was pregnant 2 weeks later. I had my daughter at 40 against many doctors telling me that I would never have children. She came 6 weeks early and was in intensive care for 26 days. To see her today, you would never know she had such a rough start in life! Her first birthday was huge and well worth every bit of planning!

    You are amazing, thanks for your inspirations!

  3. Great interview, Preston! LOVE seeing Marcy on camera!


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