Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Inspiration Photo: Paper Christmas Decorations

It’s the week of Christmas. You’ve wrapped all the presents and now you have all this extra gift wrapping paper left. What to do? How about incorporating some of that paper into décor for your house? You’ll be surprised at how versatile gift wrapping paper can be (unless, of course, you chose that Sponge Bob as Santa gift wrapping paper—that may be more limited). A few pictures to inspire you:

Here, I used gift wrapping paper as a table runner. I also used the same paper to decorate plain votive candle holders. More on that below.

I wrapped pine tree patterned wrapping paper around votive candle holders and placed them on cake stands to form a faux-Christmas tree.

Another take on the paper as decoration for votive holders, but this time I cut the paper out for the holder to sit in.

Tomorrow, I’ll have some more last minute décor ideas for Christmas (in case you’re still trying to figure out how to make your home look extra special for the holidays).


  1. Dear Preston,

    I like the idea of re-using left over wraping paper for decorations!!!!

    Was your mother or grandmother into using what was at hand to make their home???


  2. Yes, so glad that I got to read this post before Christmas :) Thank u for sharing "green" ideas :) Merry Christmas!

  3. wow - these turned out great - really creative use of photo paper for xmas

  4. Mr. Preston,

    You are blessed with the gift you have from God. I am using this tablescape for Christmas this year 2010.

    I talked about your floral designs all the time. I tell them go and view your web site and it will leave them speechless.

    Thanks for sharing and giving directions so we can be mini me like Preston Bailey. (Smile).

    Pat Jackson


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