Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tonight: Theo Bleckmann’s Solo Show

Today’s a busy day; Theo is performing tonight. (The show is sold out!) I am so fortunate that my partner is a world-renowned jazz performer. I’ve always wanted to create a set for one of his performances and today I finally get the chance.

Theo will be performing an intimate one man show at Roulette in Soho and it’s sure to be an amazing experience (if I do say so myself). All the sets and the entire environment are created by me, and I really hope everyone enjoys them. We’re setting up the stage right now. I’ll try to get some before and after pictures to post for you all to see.


  1. Pics, pics, pics, I wanna see! ALso I tried to listen to his music on his site and it kept sending me into endless loops :( Can you link a cut here? Perhaps one of your favs?...:) TIA

  2. Thanks for sending the link...It was like a warm enveloping hug! MMMM!


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