Friday, November 20, 2009

Solos and Song: Theo’s show

The quiet stage before the show began

Last night was an evening full of song and emotions. Hearing Theo Bleckmann’s voice always strikes a very specific chord in my heart, but last night was made doubly special because I had a chance to be part of it by designing the environment for the entire show. It was a busy day with a lot to set up and small details to get right, but the minute Theo set foot on the stage and began, I forgot all about that and just became entranced with the music and his voice. I wasn’t alone. As I looked out at the sold out crowd in Roulette, I could see people reacting with joy, understanding and many times laughter (Theo tells some great jokes).

He played a diverse amount of songs from his discography, ranging from his newest record Schumann's Favored Bar Songs  (out today from Winter and Winter) to his first record ever released. For his encore, he even played a German version of the famous Beatles song, I Want to Hold Your Hand, with the audience clapping along.

Lighting was the biggest component for décor of the set. Ira Levy helped me design the lighting for the night. As Theo played from song to song, we coordinated the lights to change colors from purple to green to blue and so on. A major part of this was a large canopy I created out of fiber optic strands that twinkled above the stage.  Theo’s next performance will be in Munich, Germany in January. If you’re interested in attending one of his shows, check out his tour page for more information.


  1. Hi Preston,

    Just loveeeeeeeeeee your decorations. I would be greatly honored to meet you someday I hope.
    Have a great weekend.


  2. Absolutely Beautiful! I am sure his concert was so enchanting...


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