Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stress Relief

Like I mentioned yesterday, it's a hectic week! One way I use to de-stress is through exercise. I'm currently training for a triathlon. We run, bike, and swim in a group. It's a great way to find some balance and clear my mind. It's definitely exhausting but I feel a great sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. We'll talk more about this later, and I'll also have some pictures to share next time.

How do you de-stress? Let me know.


  1. Dear Preston,
    To de-stress, I visit the floral wholesaler or the botanical nursery. I love being around beautiful flowers and I try memorizing the names of the ones that I see. It is very relaxing because I push the bad issues out of my mind and center my thoughts on beauty. :)

  2. Best wishes on the triathlon it is definitely a great accomplishment to achieve. To de-stress during this time of year I like to sit on my balcony with a cup of hot chocolate, look at the different fall colors of the trees, the cars passing by, and people enjoying everyday life. This always relaxes my mind and reminds me not to sweat the little things.

  3. Best of luck in the triatlon. Seeing the change of season and the rich colors of fall inspire my designs. The crispness of the morning air is a inspiration in itself. Please hold another New York seminar soon.
    My best,


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