Friday, January 30, 2009

Valentine's Day

What better symbol for love is there than flowers? Juliet was aware of this when she compared her affection for Romeo to a "bud of love," that will blossom into a "beauteous flower." Centuries later and it's no surprise that flowers remain the standard gift on Valentine's Day.

But this year why not do something inspired, unique, and absolutely unforgettable for your loved one? The Valentine Bouquet is an arrangement with absolutely no flowers. The bouquet is designed with sweet decadent chocolate, ripe succulent fruit, and exotic nuts; wrapped at the base with a satin ribbon of radiant color. It's simple to make at home, cost-effective in these dire economic times (after all you can eat it too), plus it's a creative and original way to express your love.

The Valentine Bouquet is an arrangement that your loved one will greatly appreciate and never forget. I'm quite sure Juliet wishes she had thought of this idea for Romeo.
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