Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tabletop Garden

My team and I made this extraordinary tabletop garden the other day for the entrance to a spectacular wedding.

I had 2 tables set up on either side of the entryway and set up 2 very large versions of this centerpiece. As I am sure you can imagine this made a very dramatic first impression!

You can create this at home just need to scale it down. It works great on any table! A side table, console table, coffee table or you could make an entry way display as well.

To have an arrangement of this nature on a console table is surprising and different that what you regularly see. For me that is the exciting part of entertaining, mixing it up a bit.

I do like it as a main centerpiece too, it gives off a picnic feel which is always fun in summer.

I like the way this looks like a garden is growing out of the table. To achieve this look you are going need low containers and succulents.

No need to go about and buy some pricey container.
Take a look in your cabinets and see what you have that would work.
I would suggest cakes pans, casserole dishes or inexpensive aluminum roasting pans.

Make sure you use cascading succulents. Put them completely around the centerpiece to create a border to your garden. Succulents don’t need much water, put them in dry oasis on the outside of your containers.

Now the fun part, picking your flowers!
You could use anything you like but I would recommend using at least one filler type flower like Hydrangea to keep your costs down. For the other flowers you are going to need to soak your oasis and cut to size to fit in your containers. Drop them in and then start the creative process of placing your flowers in the oasis.

We used Hydrangeas, Ranuculas, Lady Slipper Orchids, Hyacinth, and Viburnum.

Like I said use anything you want for this, but as rule of thumb try to pick more hearty flowers so they will stay beautiful all night long.

If you do decide to make this centerpiece or any other ones on the my blog, I would love to see what you come up with! Please send your images to
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