Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reminder! Submit Your Entries for the Celebrations Contest

Just a reminder that there’s only one month left to enter our Celebrations Contest. I’ve received some wonderful entries so far. If you need inspiration to tell your own story, here are excerpts from two entries that have already been submitted.

Tracy said, “When we are 80, my girlfriends and I will sit by the fire and reminisce over eggnog about all the fun we had at my 40th birthday celebration and we will argue about whether we dressed up in the ‘20s era or the ‘60s era and I will insist it was the Roaring 20s. She will say, ‘Oh yeah, that’s it,’ and I will say, ‘Don’t you remember how we were draped down and looking fabulous—feathers in our hair,  long strings of pearls, cigarette holders, fringe dresses, and fur and how we could have sworn that that every cat in the spot was wearing their finest zoot suit and tipped their fedora  as we pranced by?” and she will laugh and get up to try to demonstrate the flapper strut, then grab her back before sitting right back down.”

Tammie said, “My favorite celebration was when I had my 41st birthday/pajama jam with all my girlfriends!  It was held at a French bistro and I had a step n repeat outside with huge teddy bears, throw pillows and hot pink shaggy rugs for the pink carpet entrance. It looked like it was a huge slumber party! I had Designs by Lolita wine glasses for everyone and the glasses had bunny slippers on them! That was also their favors and pink goody bags filled with all sorts of beauty products!”

So what are you waiting for? Think of your favorite celebration and tell me all about it. Enter the contest here. 

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