Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Special Event: Christening for David Daniel Otunga Jr.

Last Saturday, I had the privilege and honor to design the christening celebration for Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga’s baby, David Daniel Otunga Jr. It was a wonderfully intimate occasion filled with family and friends. Since this was an occasion to celebrate the baby, we focused on using design elements that celebrated youth and childlike fantasy. The main color theme was baby blue and it was inspired by the baby's room which was decorated by Jennifer's sister.

The table centerpieces were a whimsical collection of stuffed animals—teddy bears, tigers, dogs, elephants, lions--and hydrangeas with different animal combinations across all the tables.

The invitations carried the stuffed animal theme through, featuring a teddy bear and the same light blue color.

The cake was an elegantly simple blue cake with white polka dots. The baby’s monogram served as the cake topper, so that everyone knew who was really the star of the show.

Overall, I was happy with achieving my number one goal: celebrating and cherishing the newest addition to the Hudson/Otunga family. Congratulations again Jennifer and David!

Photos by: Allen Cooley


  1. What an elegant presentation. Did you create those chandeliers? If so, please tell me how to make one. The couple certainly looks pleased with the results.

  2. Beautiful!! I am always inspired by your creative designs. :o)

  3. Dear Preston,

    Love the whole them!!!
    Good luck to Jennifer as last year brought her much heart ache!!!!
    Preston I know you must have a back ground in fashion also, as you are the best dressed man I have ever seen.


  4. i love the invitation

  5. the invitation is my favorite part too!

  6. how cute is that invite! and the monogram on the cake. so sweet & personalized!

  7. Hi Preston, everything looks perfect!!! I have a question for you, where did you get the bear centerpieces, especially the big blue bear? I'm planning my son's birthday and the theme is bear. I very much appreciate it!! thank you...



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