Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Preston’s Gift Guide: For Those Special Women In Your Life

I don’t have to remind you that Christmas is next week, so I thought instead I’d give some gift recommendations for those important women in your life—namely your mom or wife/wife-to-be (ladies, feel free to email this post to your significant other if they need a hint). I know that sometimes it’s hard to find just the right thing...and for those reading, if you have some gift ideas for a mom or wife/ wife-to-be let us know your recommendations in the comments.

For Your Mom
  • Weekend Getaway: Most moms will only ask for one thing—more time to spend with you. Give her what she wants by booking a weekend getaway for just you and her. It doesn’t have to be anywhere exotic—it can be a hotel in your town or the next town over.
  • Wine Delivery: Show mom how much you appreciate her good taste with a gift of wine. The New York Times wine club offers a chance for mom to receive a bottle once a month. The bottles also come with notes on recommended recipe pairings.
  • A Night on the Town: Make mom feel special by booking reservations at her favorite restaurant and taking her out for a night on the town. If you’re feeling extra generous, spring for theatre tickets or a movie to make the night last longer. Or, you can set up this evening for your parents to spend together.

For Your Wife/Wife-to-be
  • Monthly Delivery of Flowers: Don’t let the romance stop. Stop by your local florist and arrange it so that your lady love will receive an arrangement once a month for an entire year. You’ll never hear the phrase, “I can’t remember the last time you got me flowers” ever again.
  • A Massage (or other favorite spa treatment at her favorite salon): Nothing says “special” like giving your wife some time to pamper herself. If you’d like to join her in the treat, book a couple’s massage. It will give you two a chance to spend some quality time together.
  • The Nook: She always talks about wanting to find some time to sit back and read a good book. Give her the opportunity to read multiple books, without having to worry about shelf space or how heavy that hardcover is.  I know it’s currently sold out, but if you pre-order one now, you can choose to receive a Nook Holiday Certificate  to let her know it’s on the way. Bonus item: You can also buy her one of these amazing designer Nook covers--especially great for those women who love accessories.

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