Thursday, November 12, 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Hello from the plane! My ride to Hong Kong is about 14 hours long, so I have some time to sit here and write a few thoughts for the blog. I was so excited to get on this plane and settle myself in for the long journey. Why? Well, because, a long plane ride is one of the few times I get to step away from my busy schedule and just sit (and read, relax, etc)...

The first question I have when I’m about to go on a trip is: how long is the plane ride? This way, I’ll get a chance to plan how I’ll spend these precious hours in the air. One of the few luxuries I’m lucky to have is getting to fly first class on these long rides.

It’s a real treat to enjoy the amenities of the plane. For example, the flat bed is amazingly comfortable for being on an airplane, and the food is prepared by an amazing chef, and...wait a minute, there’s only one flower on my tray table. What kind of first class is this?? (Just a joke for all those folks who may not be used to my sense of humor.)

I'll post more from Hong Kong soon.


  1. Be safe Preston! I look forward to hearing about your travels and experiences in Hong Kong.

  2. Hey Preston, Looking forward to the blogs and pics on your experience in Hong Kong.

    Have fun!

  3. You brave soul, I've always wanted to visit Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, but any plane ride over 9 hours will have me *bonkers* once it lands. Any way have fun and send us back lots of pictures.

  4. I have just found your blog from your business web site and I must say, I love your imagination! I look forward to your inspirations.

  5. you might want to visit the "Mong Kok Flower Market" so you can see what the other side of the world has in terms of flowers and foliage. =) we are lucky since we are only 1.5 hours from HongKong. enjoy your long flight!

  6. Dear Preston,

    I am actually from HOng Kong and will be hosting a wedding in April. I was going to contact your office today, then I found out you are actually in HK! Could you pls stay for one more day to perhaps go through my wedding with me, and see if you are interested in diong it for me?

    I want my wedding to be a transformation and with full of flowers.



  7. Hey Preston! I'm getting ready for a long plane ride. We're leaving for Hawaii next week. I will probably spend my time reading, relaxing and catching up on much needed sleep.

  8. Too funny! One flower, what are they thinking?...My man! I heard Hong Kong was the place to visit..I can't wait to hear more


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