Thursday, October 29, 2009


The luncheon on Tuesday triggered so many great memories. I wanted to share one special one with you all today. First, here’s more pictures from the luncheon:

The beautiful Annette Lauer and Me

Vivia and me with the lovely Nina Garcia

Natalia and me

I designed Natalia’s wedding a few years back. It was held in Columbia where we focused on tradition and authenticity for her church ceremony. We used a lot of vibrant colors in shades of red and pink flowers for the reception. She can’t stop thinking of the event and I can’t stop thinking of her dress!

We truly had a delightful time working together. So naturally, she came to me for her baby’s Christening, as many of my new brides and moms-to-be do, and we had fun! She confessed that she took the big red monkey (pictured below) home. It had been placed in the center of the room at Le Circ where she hosted the event.

And here’s a picture of the gorgeous bride from that day:

Here’s a shot from the reception:

I really enjoyed being able to catch up with old friends and see that everyone is still doing spectacular. Thank you all for such a delightful afternoon.

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  1. I remember reading about Natalia's wedding in either a Vogue or Elle magazine because it featured most of her stylish friends who were in attendance and that she and her husband included so much of the Colombian culture in the ceremony. It was like Carnival all over again.


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