Thursday, March 26, 2009

Celebration of Spring

Spring buzz is in the air.

It’s not only the great feeling that I get being outside but also as I walk to work on these busy New York streets; I can sense a change of attitude in my fellow New Yorkers. They have a smile where there is normally tension.

At my gym, The Chelsea Piers, I see everyone with a new resolve to tone up their bodies. There has been such a lack of hope with all the bad news on T.V, it’s all beginning to have a power over us. The beauty of Spring is the promise of hope that we need during these times.

In my table setting “Celebrating Spring,” I wanted to capture the blossom of nature and there was no other flower that represents Spring more than the Daffodil.

I created a centerpiece featuring two swirling blocks of boxwood with an explosion of bright yellow daffodils and bursts of orange spread throughout the design. Complimenting the boxwoods are tall glasses overflowing with more yellow daffodils emitting light like soft spring sunshine.

In harmony with the theme of spring are placemats made with a feathery light bed of leaves, and a ball of foliage placed on the backs of chairs; which add a whimsical presence to the table setting.

Such subtle touches of spring are a simple and attractive way to celebrate a season that for me includes some of life’s most important themes: nature, beauty, and warmth.

Forever Inspired,


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