Thursday, July 3, 2008

Handmade 4th of July

This is an easy, affordable and elegant way to decorate your table for Independence Day. As you can see these are not traditional decorations for the 4th, but that is what I like about it and so will your guests.

For the table I used a white table cloth – easy enough we all have one.
The runner is actually made out of heavy stock paper which is very affordable but I would get a couple of extra sheets in case you make a mistake- which I definitely did.

To make the pattern of your runner pick one design to repeat. I used a stencil which I believe would be the easiest. Make sure when you are tracing the stencil that each little design is touching each other to make it all one piece. If I may suggest get a good eraser cause this can be difficult if you are working with an intricate stencil.
After you have traced your runner start cutting!

If it is turning out to be too difficult to make one complete pattern make a few and just overlap them on your table.

I love chair covers I think they bring a sophistication to every event, even if it is an outdoor BBQ. The chair covers below are made from wrapping paper I found in my closet. I love that this is a pattern in the right colors for the holiday but not what you would guess someone would use. The element of surprise here makes your party unique.

The first thing you need to do is measure the top of your chair, then cut your paper accordingly to wrap around the chair top. To secure each end you can double stick tape or glue the sides together. If you are feeling super crafty you can use a hole punch and some ribbon and lace up the sides.

To make my chair covers even more fancy I added paper petals made from heavy stock paper ( so they stand up straight) and my same wrapping paper. I glued my wrapping paper onto my heavy stock petals and then simply glued them to the top of my chair covers. EASY!
Get creative with this and don’t be afraid of non- traditional patterns. As I am sure you will see the possibilities are endless!

Have a great 4th!
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